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Sunday, December 29, 2013


Hey guys, bringing you another one of my poems! It just so happened I was at a restaurant and I got bored and constructed a poem and this was the result...hmm.
Forget I even said anyrhing.

Chicks, oh chicks,
thee loves to dig,
dig he shall,
if the pick-up line goes well
'Hey, I'm having a sunburn because you're hot'
Alas, she gave me another nod,
And I knew I was a flop
Try again I did,
In hopes of feeling her tits,
'You are so beautiful, I forgot my pick up line,
but I know you're just that fine,
so its a great pleasure if you were mine'
The only reply was in the form of a decline
She was a stubborn one,
Making everything un fun,
But determined I was
To make her my horse
'Is your dad an art thief?'
Because you are a masterpiece'
I tease, and the words came out with ease,
but never did I knew, that the only response was 'EW!'
My impatience grew, and I knew the time was due,
so I took a deep breath and started anew
'If beauty were time, you'd be eternity'
Those were the true words that came out from within me,
however hard that may be,
and so I waited eagerly
But the silence proved dearly,
As she failed to reply me.
My heart sank,
right to the very end.
Dang, I wasn't gonna be her man,
I sighed and sank my head,
I guess I wasn't getting laid
Yeah, that's what she said,
Because I screwed up yet another potential date,
I guess I really had no fate
My hopes were shattered, my dreams tattered,
no, nothing else even mattered...anymore
but then I heard a soft chuckle,
followed by some cute laughter,
and who else was it but her,
so I asked for her number.
She didn't hesitate to give it to me,
that was when I knew she wanted the d.

Yes. it is.