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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Saturday, March 16, 2013


Well, because I'm really really busy with school work and school-related activities as well as my upcoming piano exam, I can only provide you with a convenient source of entertainment: Voice Impersonation.
You may sound surprised, but I can do voices. And yes, it comes with practice, obviously. So I'll be posting some impressions here on my blog to serve as content. Here is a list of some voices I can do, but obviously I can't exactly impersonate everyone so I will indicate which impressions are my strong ones. *Accents are counted as well*

1. The Batman *strong*
2. The Joker *strong*
3. Bane *strong*
4. Comic Book Guy
5. Mr Burns
6. Trailer Dude *strong*
7. Goofy *strong*
8. Mickey Mouse *strong*
9. Austin Powers
10. Michael Caine/Alfred
11. Jim Moriarty in Sherlock BBC
12. Lois Griffin
13. Stewie Griffin
14. Stephen Hawking
15. T-Bag from Prison Break *strong*
16. FPSrussia
17. Bruce from family guy
18. Jacques Ooi from the noose
19. KSI/ 'sacre bleu' and 'welcome to beast' *strong*
20. Comforting DJ/super deep voice *strong*
21. Duffman from the Simpsons
22. Disco Stu from the simpsons
23. Leticia Bongnino from the noose
24. Mr. Pari/GESS
25. Peter Chow/HK accent *strong*
26. Dumb Blonde *strong*
27. French/Arsene Wenger *strong*
28. Japanese *strong*
29. African
30. British
31. Sassy Mama/ Cranky Ghetto stereotype *strong*
32. Elvis Presley
33. Lame trailer voice *strong*
34. Australian and Ian Hecox's Bear Grylls
35. Herbert The Pervert
36. Barney Gumble (the simpsons)
37. Owen Wilson (sorta)
38. Sean Connery
39. Cleveland (not that good)
40. Dr. Nick (the simpsons)
41. David Attenborough
42. Morgan Freeman
43. Takeo Masaki
44. Joe Swanson *strong*
45. Consuela
46. Ian Mckellen
47. Mr. AJ (gess)

Just a random caption of me doing my best facial expression to mock girls. 

I'll still be learning more, so don't worry.