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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Thursday, February 14, 2013


As you can clearly see, I gave around...0.00000001 % of fvck to post this but hey, it still counts. Valentine's Day is up and unlike most people, I don't go around finding true love. Nobody buys that bullsh*t.
I like pushy buttons.
Instead, I might choose to piss off other people. For example, my crush. But I'm a kind person and I won't do any troll-related activities...yet. If you guys don't already know, I have a short circuit system in my brain which can trigger spontaneously. Once that happens, you know I'm having some extra 'roids. Just a quick post, Valentine's Day can only mean 2 things to me. 

1. GET LAID *not 18 yet, so that's sad*
2. LAY IN BED *sleep yes, i had to made it rhyme*

Unfortunately...I had to go to school instead. Amazing how these kind of stuff work out. If cupid wants me to get lovesick...he's probably going to need to a bigger arrow. Or much more intelligence in working out what my brain consists of. *No kidding*
He's heartbroken.