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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Meh, I'm not being racist here. It's just...uh. Black people are considered pretty sexually active. You can't help that. You just can't. I mean, look at KSI. He's bloody masturbating in almost every video about FIFA. The only thing I can't relate to is how watching a game of soccer can make you literally ejaculate all over the floor. Perhaps that's the reason why soccer is called 'The Beautiful Game'.
He does not need viagra.
Jamaicans are proud to have 'rather fast black men', as quoted by KSI. Yes, he does have an army, so I presume its he has a pretty large fan base who likes his sexual antics and rants. Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake are some major ass Jamaicans that run like rather fast black men. Oh for god's sake, they're freaking sprinters. Yes, never heard the joke that before Usain Bolt runs, the crowd is never near the starting line? Well know you do. 
Ah, classic word play.
Anyways, this post is just a quick summary of JAMAICANS. *FAP FAP FAP*