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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Why Left Handers and Right Handers are different.

I know, you're probably gonna say, 'WHAT A LAME TOPIC!'. Well, it ain't in fact. It concerns basically every human on Earth, unless you don't have hands or legs...
I'm going to hell for this. I'm so sorry.
So apart from the jokes, let's talk serious. Left-handers use their right brains, and right-handers use their left brains. Confusing, but all you need to remember is that the hand matches directly opposite to the side of the brain. Apparently, left handers are much more creative and imaginative, they seem to have a panoramic view of everything, and they see things very differently from the right handers. The right-handers are well conversed in  logic, if not anything that seems adequate or correct. Most right handers are better in Maths or Science, as well as doing practical tasks involving reasoning, or basic skills. Left handers are more profound in diverse subjects such as English, literature, or even art. As for the ambidextrous, which is basically left and right-handers, it's probably presumed that they are both logically and creatively strong as they can use both hands, and both sides of the brains equally well. Left-handers have a disadvantage over most things, such as wielding guns, as they are designed for right-handers mostly, as well as other welding instruments or tools that suit the right hand only. Left-handers are pretty eccentric and have an interesting intellectual, whereas the right-handers are good in reasoning and can do mostly any tasks deemed fit for them.
Well, hope you know now about this freakin' thing.

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