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Sunday, July 15, 2012

A tip or two on being SHERLOCK.

Ahh yes, not many are avid fans of Sherlock Holmes, and you do know that's purely bullshit. HOW CAN YOU NOT LIKE SHERLOCK HOLMES? HE'S A BOSS AT EVERYTHING HE DOES, and he pisses people off, commonly known as the 19th century douchebag created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Just to keep it brief and simple, the reason why Sherlock Holmes is that good at deduction and reasoning is not because he's born a genius, he's merely observant. Most people don't bother to look at a person's shoe say for example, but he does, and he takes note of every minor detail and establishes it into his mind as a tiny inference. Confused? Don't be. You should probably try people watching, as in going to crowded places to observe different people, and then try to pick out inferences or guesses alongside your partner. A few rounds of practice would help to improve. From there, all your inferences must link and come to one probably conclusion of that person, which tells about everything you infer from him. If say, you observe he doesn't have a watch on, and he has ruffled and untidy hair, the only possible inference is that he's lazy, doesn't care about his appearance and maybe loves to be unorganised in his work.
Well, I leave you with this picture to be amused at. Buahaha.
Truly, my fuck is given.

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