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Monday, June 4, 2012

5 dumb sports you wouldn't want to play

Sports. How engaging. We do love them indeed, but obviously the sport has to be interesting and fun. And well, please try not to rage when you see this. I'm telling you, it IS legit. But you gotta give these sports courage, they dared to challenge the unthinkable, be creative as possible and well, be in the center of stupidity, or so to say.

And he only has four fingers.

Well, enough of talking, let's get down to business.
Here are some of the dumbest sports ever lived:

5. Underwater hockey
Yes, hockey is popular but apparently the version with water isn't that well-received. Nah, I'm just kidding. This sport sucked like hell. Hard to believe but true, there's even an Underwater Hockey League and some Swedish people player Under-ice hockey.  That sir, is just stupidity soaring to greater heights, with all due respect.
Fishing would be a better term.
And here's another video to prove it:
Damn, this is bat sh*t crazy. Minus the bat.

4. Shin-kicking
Thank god it wasn't crotch kicking, but nevertheless a dumbass sport.
You're supposed to kick your opponent's shin until they fall, which is somehow or other related to wrestling I guess, except without intelligence. Spam someone's shin and if you manage to win two-out-of-three games, well, you win. Talk about world peace when we're doing this. -_-
Global warming pales in comparison to this.
and here's a picture:
Thankfully, they have stocks of hay hidden beneath their jeans.
and yes, let's see the action:

3. Cheese rolling
Yes, it can get this extreme. A group of people chase after a wheel of cheese that's released from a massively steep hill and well, the fastest guy to reach the hill down slope wins, with injuries of course. Ahh, mankind makes huge sacrifices to a tasty roll of milky, yellow yeast-made product known as cheese. -_-
The cheese doesn't look very tasty.
and yes, another video:
Faith in humanity: Destroyed.

2. Ferret Legging
Oh gosh, it's getting worst by the minute. You put two ferrets *furry animals* in your trousers/pants and well, you have to apparently endure the fact that these animals are surrounding your reproductive system and it could be gone anytime. 
You pretty much have to endure these animals in your pants for as long as possible. The prize? I don't really care because this sport is bullcrap. 
Here's your prove: 
Testosterone booster.
and a video:

and lastly...
1. Rock-Paper-Scissors League
I mean seriously? The winner takes 50 grand home. And you say school kids are flunking their education? WHAT ABOUT SOCIETY.
I can't actually believe this, but apparently the classic game which paper beats rock, scissors cuts paper and rock smashes scissors can actually become a tournament full of, well, lucky douches who can win if they spent their childhood playing this game instead of studying. 
Here's a video and well, the crowd goes wild when the champion is crowned :
" The biggest throwdown in Hand Sport history". Of course, I have nothing to say except:
I'm sorry, I raged.
Rock, paper, scissors anyone?

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