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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Luis Suarez vs John Terry

Wait a minute folks, Luis Suarez's first season at Liverpool ended up in style and his second season...well, more of a unlucky one but what are you guys out there complaining about ? Hmm, let me guess, it is you all trolls of soccer complaining about his racist remark against Patrice Evra? Sure thing bro.
Seems legit.
Oh then i guess it is time for you guys to wisen up from that deep slumber of persistent acknowledgement for the fact that he calls everyone a negrito back in his homeland Uruguay. So what's wrong with that? I mean people do rant when they are angry. Suarez just made a little pussy comment about Patrice Evra
For god's sake, its a friggin' pussy.

 and he went away with a 8 match ban while John Terry who had alleged to have threatened to kill fellow countryman Anton Ferdinand after being probed when he called A.F(Anton Ferdinand) a nigger walked away unscathed. In that case, you can probably question Luis Suarez who at that time was playing for Uruguay against Russia to have played a part in wardrobe malfunctioning.
Taking wardrobe malfunctioning to a w-HOLE new level.

 Okay, lets move on to his high instead of whining why John Terry never screws any black woman.
This meme is a beast.
Here are some videos to prove that Suarez is not just a racist which comments and not contribute to the team efforts.

Also, here's another meme for Terry, pretty sure you guys will agree out there.
Sexual innuendos.
and this one:

Look at his face.