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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boob jobs and Assholes

Admit it. Some of you people are so desperate to get a boob job. Why? I'm not a girl but presumably its er, a pretty thing to do. You enhance voraciously and then when it gets out of hand, it turns out like this.

 Horrible, horrible and horrible. Yes, you think I'm a pervert. You can continue to do so. It's creepy to see alterations to the human body like this. She should join the X-Men. They should call her er...Boob Girl or something LOL. Sheesh. Enough of that, let's talk about assholes. Not the one near your butt, the layman term coined for people who are douchebags, pricks or an annoyance to society. That would be me. *applaud*  You have to see the difference between asshole:

Yeah, this ass is in pain. 
and this one: 

Well said sir, well said. 

So there you go. At least you don't have to go to the dictionary now.