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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Friday, January 6, 2012


Yes...Sherlock Holmes. Way cool. Great sense of deduction. Reads body language. Oozes flair and aura. Gentleman. Fighter. Tactician. Smokes. Talks in a very cool way, in which most of you don't understand (sometimes even I don't). let's get to the point then. Firstly, I don't claim I'm Sherlock Holmes, although he is FRIGGIN' COOL. Secondly, I don't smoke LOL. BUT, the thing that irks me most is I'm oblivious to stuff around me. Those who know me well enough should know what I'm saying.
Absolute Kickass.
Yes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a genius, but to be truthful, I've never read an entire Sherlock Holmes novels, I only watch the movies. :P Yeah, pain in the ass to actually read every damn word on the page itself. EYE PAIN. School is officially up, somehow I don't get crazy so much as usual, probably due to lack of stimuli, *COOL* which you probably should look it up on Wikipedia. No seriously, no one's gonna laugh. *laughs* There's only one purpose in keeping this blog now, and yeah, that's why I bother to actually write on this. One thing you should know, ever since young, I have never ever finished a hobby or excelled at it, including piano, because I just can't focus on it. Seems weird, but it's true. I'll stop at bits and parts, and then come back later at another period of time, for some weird reason. *Insert Laughter* Yeah, and probably another reason why I don't update this blog regularly. I have stuff to do, mostly involving LIFE. Yes, sarcasm.

Oh well, not much left to say. Except that Holmes rock. Woohoo. XD
*hiatus time*