The Epic Blog Of Mine

The Epic Blog Of Mine
Feel good fun.

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I was feeling kind of enthusiastic today so I will just do an extra post.
How am I feeling? Absolutely fine. The same annoying person as last time. Gay laugh, smart ass, prankster, troll, rubberface. Meh, so much more to say about me. I sometimes wonder why I even keep this blog but the logic behind it is that ever since secondary 1, I made this. And I have not stopped since then. I have had hiatuses, but still, this blog lived on...LIKE A BOSS. This blog is full of nonsensical crap. You name it. Parodies, reviews, stories, videos and even random pictures of me making out with a donkey. AH! You laughed, didn't you. I swear, being random had to be a motto of my blog. I just checked out the statistics and realised I had a total of 6000+ views overall for my blog. O.O
Pretty neat eh? Anyways, since I'm feeling so fine and happy. I shall let all that hate and anger inside of me go.
So rock on. Eat muffins. Be gay. Grope Bieber. Drink alcohol. Get a boob job. Grow some pubic hair. Change your sex. Laugh at everyone you see. Get beaten up. There you go.