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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Justin Bieber vs A Glass Of Water

Alright. I was extremely bored. So what? At least I made this. And I'm pretty sure many people would appreciate this. Period. Yes, it's the fight of the millinuem. Justin Bieber: world renowned fucker, short guy who makes us feel better about our height and a dude who has crappy hair and can't seem to get enough hate. He's going up against...a glass of water.
Let's Fight!

Name: Justin Bieber
Claim To Fame: Boy Bastard.
Talents: Getting hated, being short,
way crappy hairstyle, gay voice, 
gay dressing, gay color purple.
Result: Loser 

Name: Glass Of Water
Claim To Fame: Basic Necessity
Talents: Consumable, allows body to function properly, quenches thirst, cures diseases.
Result: Winner!

So there you go! My masterpiece.
Remember, water beats Bieber!
Peace out!