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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Headshots, Chaos, Ownage, Black Ops.

Ahhh, the delightful smell of zombehs. Seriously. The best thing is you can shoot them. With a shotgun. Now, that's what I call awesome.

We want discounts!

 All fit into one really kick ass game, Black Ops. In case you're wondering, I had an overwhelming dosage of it after playing zombie mode in Black Ops and I have to tell you honestly. It rocks. Leon and I had a hell lot of time owning the shit out of those crap looking zombies. I really wished it was real. And that we were holding shotguns and blasting out zombie brains.

There is no mercy. Only head shots.
 We had awesomely fun multi player matches, with Gerald and Stephen, teaming up and going against one another. I swear, Black Ops is extremely fun. I'm not sure about all of the guns, but you must never underestimate the holy power snipers have. Hell yeah. With a sniper gun, a pistol and a knife, I blasted through the bloody match, kick-ass style. End Result: 19 kills, 6 deaths. BOO YAH.
Oh well, my hands are really aching after all that awesome fun in Black Ops. Time for some recuperation before I gear up for another wave of zombie ownage.