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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Friday, April 1, 2011

Luxor = Your Mother?

Hey dudes. It's Linc. Well, I guess some of you might know what's Luxor. And if you belong to the people who don't, I'll explain it to you all. Luxor is a video game, where you match three balls of identical colors together. And as obvious, I rock at it. Happened to stop by a electronic shop and saw a computer that had Luxor and you can guess the rest. Anyway, they asked me to give them an 'In Game Name' in Luxor and I had to make it epic.
With all due respect to mothers.
Ahh, sorry moms. Had to do that. Anyway, you should try Luxor. It's really fun...for nerds. (Yes, I'm sort of one). Rock on!