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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Friday, April 8, 2011

Albert Einstein + Darth Vader = Epic Win! :D

Guess what? Your mother died. Nah, of course she didn't. (She did, seriously) Lincoln here with another equation of life. What's mathematics without this intellectually awesome, afro-haired genius and a hopeless man who can't get chicks to dig him? What's star wars without this supreme lord donned in black, wielding a powerful lightsaber and constantly reading Harry Potter books? Well, if you bring these two icons together, you get an epic win. Yes, it's Alby and Dartho. (I give them nick names).
Alby and Dartho in action.

'Chicks dig me!'

J.K Rowling would be so proud.
Oh well, new poll coming up and please please vote. If not you go suck balls. Big big balls. Go to Pakistan and never come back. And go there naked too.