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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whaddup with Thailand?

Alright what-ever-your-name is, I have a life. And my name is Lincoln.( I do have a chinese name, but obviously Lincoln sounds cooler). So basically for today( and yesterday as well), I had Thailand people coming to our school for some kind of weird ass visit. On Monday, three thailand people (that's bad enough) came to our class and lucky me, one of them sat near me. (Sarcasm detected. Lol here). Now, I'm not saying I have a grudge against Thailand people but it's just I DON'T like them. Period. Then on Tuesday, there was assembly and a couple of Thailand students taught as how to speak Thailand. With all due respect, I didn't bother to remember what they taught (everyone too) and making Thailand words sound like vulgarities was somewhat of an epic cool thing. Seriously. Patrick LMAO-ed the whole time and I laughed too. So kids, never ever try this at home. The only thing you'll get is a bucket full of haters and some guy without his pants on. (Pfft, like that would happen).
Just so you know, Thailand is situated between the left side of my crotch to the right side of my crotch.

.So...anyone up for nudles?

Well, that's all...for now.