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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Poem Of Crap

Supp' people! Rubbaface here. It's been a long time I did any parodies but this time I came up with a poem. Always say this to your loved one during valentine's day:

When I think of you, I think of a crippled pig.
Of all the things I could give you, I would give you a dick.
Your teeth makes the sky cry,
your boobs are the size of two houseflies.
You look neither male nor female,
what's worst is I would give you up for a mug of ginger ale.

You shower me with tender care and concern,
I return the favor by sending you to live with the Arabians.
Beyond the limits of our love, you would go all out for me,
and what I would do is throw you into a hive full of blood sucking bees.
You think I look cute,
I think you can't even fit in an extra large swimming suit,
You arrange with me on dates,
I scream with horror for you have AIDS.
But still, your love spreads like a flower,
and you smell of 10 days without a shower.
The mountains are inspiring to me,
but you, my darling, is very bitchy.
And so, I wave a final good bye,
thank god you're leaving me for another guy.
Let us remember the times before we part,
for you remind me of...a fucked up slut.
Yours Sincerely,
RubbaFace. \m/