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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Imperfection is what deceives us. Imperfection is what unites us. Imperfection is within us, but we just don't know it. People strive to do their best, strive to be PERFECT. But somehow, everyone isn't. You have to understand the logic of life in order to understand imperfection. Without that, you'd be going nowhere.

Imperfection isn't a sin. It's what we're born with.

The most commonly misunderstood definition of imperfection is to sin. Well obviously these people who think imperfection is sinning are just finding an excuse to get out of the guilty conscience they're in. And it is actually they, who sin. If you've ever failed a test, looked down on yourself, think you're never perfect- don't. Imperfection is part of our existence, the human race. And it brings us closer because we know- we can never be perfect. This moral itself can explain how mankind makes mistakes even if they didn't want to. They just happen. Humans err. They're supposed to. So next time you think you've failed a test and you wanna die- think again.