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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I hate spammers.

Let's come down to reality. What has the internet given us? There is knowledge, porn and there's this special group called...the spammers. Ahh yes, spammers. Spammers, spammers, spammers. Like what my best buddy-spammer used to say 'Fogfgjkjdfkfujkj!'. No seriously. Why the spam? Spamming is a painful process where you randomly press letters on your keyboard and you feel delighted 'coz you basically owned that guy.
Ok, this has nothing to do with spamming but I find it unusually epic. (Click on the picture if you can't see the words).
They don't call him God for nothing.
There's no possible way to stop spam, and it would be cool if a 'Spam Warrior' existed. Saving the internet world from spamming and still enjoying porn at the same time. Ahh, how awesome could that be.
Oh well, not much left to say except 'Breathe More Oxygen'.
Remember to exist!