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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Greed is the devil's hand tool. Greed is the bomb waiting to destruct. Greed is the tomb that is open for you to go in and never come out. Greed is never good. See the amount of damage it has caused to Libya, because of greed? General Garaffi is made up of greed. His country has been under his power for so long; under corruption that is. Don't abuse the power you have because of greed.

Greed consumes. And feeds on your mind.
Greed consumes you, like venom on an innocent soul. Humans err, but obviously they can change their errors to become better. But many fail to do that. Remember, HOPE exists, only if you think it does. If you're led astray, never fret. You still can turn back. But if you choose not to, Greed and other immoral values of inhumanity will consume you.