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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Safinah Rap- Poll #2 "Yo Safinah"

Hey again! This time I'm here with official news! RubbaFace does rap now! And to start off, I'll rap about Safinah, one of my friends. There will be more coming up and this rap is for the poll on the indian and curry.
Rap Lyrics:
Yo, Safinah,
you are a bangala,
come from the country called Sri Lanka,
then you drive to the place named Little India,
and you go and eat some spicy laksa
but in fact actually,
you are eating curry in a hurry,
you take it from the curry pot,
damn it's so freakin' hot!
then you buy a gun and have some fun
you play with it, and you're so dumb,
but eventually,
you accidentally,
take a gun shot at your own damn body!!

Yo Safinah Barvin,
the empteh dustbin,
when you have trash,
you can throw it all in
whether it's clean,
or whether it's dirty
just dunk it in
in that dirty thing!
You so dirty, smelly and decomposin'
when people see you they go uhh...terrifying,
even Doralynn, your very best friend,
thinks you really stink, and really till the very end
So please don't cry
coz it ain't all lies,
It's so damn true,
that we all hate you
I understand,
that your feeling sad,
but don't feel bad
coz I'll tell you that
I'll throw you in the sky
and you won't never cry,
but you will scream and shout,
till you vocal chords come out,
and when you fall down from the sky,
and you close your damn eyes,
I hope that you'll die!!

Safinah, no offense,
when you go and pee you go to the gents,
not that I'm saying that you're a man
I just can't,
visualize you wearing pants!
You're the victim of cyberbullying,
for one reason you're just a weakling
not to demotivate you,
but that's what they said too,
so go to the toilet
and eat your own poo!

you really stink
nobody stinks more than a dustbin,
take it lightly,
it's a joke,
face reality,
you're a hook-er!!


Wee! So fun doing raps! A new poll will be coming out! Chills!