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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Singing Sensation: American Idol Parody (Part 1)

Hey what up people! It's been a long, long time since I last posted and I've got a treat for y'all! No, its not Halloween and I'm not giving you Wonkas or any sort of that. It's another parody! This time, it's American Idol. And it's popular. So enjoy!

Ryan Seacrest: American Idol. This is the search. We are looking for new talents. In America. How cool is that? And I'm a host y'know! God...I'm so lucky. (Clears throat). Tonight America, we will be conducting a search. A search for talent. This is American Football. Oh wait. What was that? Oh. This is American Idol!!!
(Theme song music plays)

(First contestant)
Simon Cowell: All right, testicles. Show me your talent. I'm in a bad mood today. Because of my testicles.
Paula Abdul: Go for it, while I seat on my comfy chair!
(Contestant sings beautifully with passion)

Randy Jackson: That was crap! I want rap! Rap! Get whatta I mean, brotha? Now get the hell outta here!
Simon Cowell: Well, that was bulls**t. My life is shortened by you. Bitch.
Paula Abdul: I wasn't listening to you. I was playing Tap Tap. It's fun and interactive. I'm kind of a nerd. (Snorks)

Ryan Seacrest: Well, this is our first contestant. And based on the judges, he is crappy. Will our next contestant be better? Will I ever grow taller? Will Paula stop playing Tap Tap? Find out next week on, America's Next Top Model!! What? I'm a douchebag? Oh. I forgot. Find out next week on, American Idiot!
Ah, screw it. I'm done with this job. Modelling is way better.

End of Part 1

This is part 1 FYI so stay tuned for this 3 part series. Simon, Paula, Randy and Ryan will be back. With more surprises!
RubbaFace (BTW, the above is to make you get excited. This is purely fictional. Screw it.)