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Friday, July 16, 2010

American Idol Parody- Part 2

Yo, RubbaFace-rs, RubbaFace here and bringing you the 2nd of the 3 part series of the American Idol parody.
Enjoy. Or die, bitches.

Ryan Seacrest: Welcome back. I just had my shower. Now, America, you saw, you heard, you voted. Now, I'll announce the top 3 finalists! Wow. This really sucks. After this, I still have to host a show on fat people losing weight. Bouncy bitches...
Anyway, your top 3: Lee Dewyze, Crystal Bowersox and Hannah Montana!!! Wait, is this right? It isn't? Well, screw you!

Simon: Well, I have to honestly say, I have NEVER EVER seen a person that's as sucky as you. While you were talking, I got bored and wondered how I could dissect you in three pieces and say 'FAIL'. Your hosting is utter....rubbish.

Paula: (Still playing her TapTap) Oh my! The balls...there are so many! Damn...maybe I should start playing Guitar Hero....

Randy: What? I'm supposed to say something? I thought I just came here to show off my abs and muscles. You and me got a problem, bro. And Ryan Seacrest, you suck!!!

Ryan: Tune in next time to find out who wins in...America's Got Talent!! (Simon points the middle finger at Ryan).

Tune in for Part 3...
RubbaFace :)