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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beat It Parody- X-Men

Hello again. This time I've done a parody for the X-Men. Hehe.
Here goes:

Who helps to defeat all the baddest villains?
Who upholds justice and helps to maintain world peace?
I'm so glad you asked, coz they're a bunch of mutants,
Its the X-Men, the X-Men

They appear in comic books, and in TVs,
there's cyclops, and wolverine and there's the beast,
they are the masters,
of their superpowers!
 Its the X-Men! The X-Men!
Its the awesome X-Men!
X-Men, X-Men,
Nobody can ever beat them!
Cyclops shoots lazer from his eyes,
Wolverine kicks butt and kills bad guys,
Its the X-Men, X-Men!!

Professor Charles Xavier and his mutants,
they have superpowers and are so gifted,
Xavier is psychic,
while IceMan can freeze things,
Its the X-Men, the X-Men!
They have come to lend a helping hand,

Jean Grey can fly,
Rogue is deadly,
The Beast is very smart,
Collosus' bulky,

It's the X-Men, the X-Men, (x2)
End of Song

Well, I did it in 1/2 an hour. ain't that good. :) But still, X-Men!