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Friday, May 28, 2010

You're Beautiul Parody- Timothy Sucks!

'Zuppin. This song is for my friend Timofey. I got the idea from 'Weird Al' Yankovic so many thanks 'Weird Al'!
Here's the song:

There was a boy,
his name was called,
Timofey Dahknovskiy
He wasn't very tall

He tried to tell funny jokes,
but it didn't made me laugh
He said 'knock knock who's there?'
It really made me barf

Timofey sucks!(x3) Its true!

He never looked handsome,
and he had many freckles,
on his des-pic-able face
he doesn't have any nipples!


Timofey sucks!(x3) Its true!

He wears crappy sunglasses
and he looks an ass,
when he watches porn he starts to pee
guess he has sperm deffiency

You lost your parrot to Stephen Alvin,
you can't even open a pickle jar,
guess you're just an average guy,
But oh boy, I wished you died!!!

End of Song

Well, this is the parody. Hope you enjoy it. And do you think I should make a new RubbaFace icon?