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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

You had a bad day- Parody

Whasshupp again, this is RubbaFace!
This song is for my good friend, YunFai.
Rock on!
You're feeling depressed, sad and broke. Oh yeah.
You look like a pathetic, big fat yoke! Oh yeah.
You gambled too much on BlackJack
and now you're a mental nutbag
with no testiclesat all!

You tripped on a rock and had a bad fall, Oh yeah.
You lost your virginity to a beach ball, oh yeah
You lose everytime you play checkers,
you can't seem to find where your pants are,
You're an ultimate loser!

Coz you're Lee Yun Fai
the guy who cries
the guy who can't wait to go and pang sai
You work very hard
like a retard
You're a good kid
and you're always fit

I know you are sad
You always feel bad
You want to do well
I can tell

So please don't cry
You can always try


Its time for me to go zoom!
RubbaFace :)