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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Monday, May 17, 2010

This is home truly Parody: Doralynn, Review Time!

Howdy do, cowboys! Wait, this ain't Texas. Sorry. Heheh. Anyway, presenting to you....The Doralynn Song!

This is Doralynn,
everyday go to sleep,
when she sleep she counts sheep,
like a brainless idiot.

This is Doralynn,
when she ons the computer,
she gets mad,
and she gets sleepier,
and she falls down to sleep on the floor!

Doralynn, you're crap,
You're ten ounces of flabs,
You don't seem so perfect
Because you're to fat!

Doralynn, please cry
I wanna see you die,
When you die, I'll have peace of mind!

Doralynn, she likes to sleep!


RubbaFace here, roger. Heheh. Walkie Talkie FAIL. Besides that, I'm gonna go for a review today and this time its a picture! Take a look:

                                           Well, well, I didn't know Mr Bush was a cannibal. 
                                                           Nice stuff you're eating.

3/5 RubbaFaces. 

That's all for now,
I'll be back.
RubbaFace (and if you think I'm Zorro, piss off)