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Monday, May 17, 2010

New Divide Parody- That's why I hate Maths!

Hello again people! This is RubbaFace here and I just thought of another parody for New Divide, one of the nice song sang by Linkin' Park. It's a song by the way. I just made my twitter account so any news feed or stuff goes there now. This is my link: Anyway, the moment you've been waiting for....the parody! Oh and chill.


I remember each time when I tried a problem sum...
It was difficult and it wasn't any fun....
All the formulas of calculating what's pi(The 22/7)
had me hungry for food
because pie tasted so good

So help me solve sums
coz I don't know what's one plus one
make my brain work
coz I'm a freakin' jerk

BODMAS, that's bodams in maths,
there's a sequence in it,
and its causing me to go very mad

That's why I hate Maths!(x2)

Algebra's confusing,
it makes me really think,
There are many letters
and this makes it worser

Fractions are very hard,
I can't get a grip on them,
coz I'm a big retart
and I can't really be smart

So help me pass Maths
coz  I'm a mess
I'm very careless

Please don't blame me
because of my stupidity!!

That's why I hate Maths! (x2)

Screw decimals,
I hate them,
I do them to the minimal
So don't ask me to multiply
or divide
Because they make me cry!

So help me solve sums
They're a burden,
It's making me in vain
Help me crack my head
and make my brain in pain!

That's why I hate Maths!(x20

Yeah, that's the song. Oh and I think I might make a music vid of it on Youtube. Hmm...

Still thinking,
RubbaFace. :)