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Monday, May 17, 2010

Matrix Parody- The Showdown

This is RubbaFace here and I have yet another parody to share with you. And this time, it's Matrix. bedazzled and uh...ah screw it. Just enjoy the story. Rate it if you like!


You are entering a world beyond dimension, a world no man can imagine of. Stephen was strapped to a big, large machine that looked like Iron Man's hotdog maker. Beside him was DianWei, your ordinary obese boy with a peanut for a brain. The machine activates. Suddenly Stephen and DianWei find themselves watching High School Musical on Disney Channel at the machine's screen. They scream like mental nutbags losing their nipples. Everything was in a blur, except for DianWei. He was ginormously big, like a freakin' bloated elephant. Then, everything went pitch black. Stephen ate chocolates. DianWei ate his head. Then, with a deafening boom, Stephen and DianWei found themselves In a world they couldn’t think of. It was raining heavily and DianWei’s fats looked as bouncy as ever. Stephen was smelling his armpit hair. DianWei eyed Stephen closely. They were gays. (kidding!) Stephen squeezed his fists tightly. DianWei squeezed his fats. Then, the music “Don cha wish you girlfriend was as hot like me” started to play. Stephen gulped. DianWei raised his fatty hands and slammed against the floor with all the energy he gathered. The slam was so loud, it woke up Mona Lisa. The ground started to split apart and Stephen was afraid. He screamed like a nutbag and started to do the moonwalk. Stephen was fast. Faster than DianWei. He dodged all the cracks on the floor and flew up with an almighty thrust. DianWei could see Stephen’s underwear high up in the air. It was red and Barbie-dolled. DianWei laughed till he growed a boob. Stephen was in mid air. He sprang down with full force, his teeth gritted. Then a bird passed over him and Stephen realized his head was filled with bird shit. He tasted it. Then, Stephen swung back his fist and hit DianWei with a thundering effect. He rained punch after punch on DianWei and saw his fats all vibrating like a Nokia phone. The battle was about to end. Stephen was about to win. DianWei decided to fight back. He gathered his inner soul within his body and taking in a deep breath, he turned his back towards Stephen, his fat backside facing Stephen’s slutty face. And with a roar, DianWei realized his atomic weapon he had been keeping all along. Fart. With a boom, Stephen flew all the way to China. He then met Yao Ming and punched him in the balls. DianWei was the victor.  He then went for liposuction and died three days after.
The End.
That's the story. Read it. Rate it. Goodbye.
RubbaFace :)