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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The house of the rising sun: Parody

Another song made by RubbaFace. Enjoy. And chill.

He is a stalker of the night
He does it when nobody's lookin'
He makes people quiver and shake with fright
His profession is fartin'

He is a slayer of demons
His boobs look like watermelons!
He hears the call of distant cries
And goes to eat some fried rice

He's Quah D**n Wei
The big fat gay,
whose gives a damn about him
He eats, he beats, he always cheats
He's a ten pound giant of meat

He's fats, he's swift and obese,
He's a retarded tub of shoe grease!
He's quick, he's sharp and very wise,
all those that I said are all lies.

He's big, he's strong and very large,
He eats many tubs of chocolate fudge.
He bites, he growls, he always snaps
He poops damn lotta smelly crap!

(Verse again)
Singer: Ah shuddup, you crap eatin' pom-pom!

This is one of my favourite songs. Peace out! Oh and no insults intended. :)
(If you have any ideas, post them!)