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The Epic Blog Of Mine
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

FatBob LargePants-Spongebob Parody

 Hello again! This is RubbaFace here! With another parody!
No offense or insults intended. Okay, they are. But still, you can enjoy them right? (Gets beaten up by a gangster) ribs...Anyway...ugh...enjoy the parody...Damn is it painful! (Gets another punch)
I should have learnt karate. :(

Ah....South Korea. Wait, that's the script for Jang Moon Young. Ah...Bikini Bottom. The island of aquatic
creatures that swim freely. On this island, all the fishes were smart. Exept for one retard. His name was FatBob. And he was fat. Fat as a 10 pound hot dog wagon. He worked in the Krusty Krab and has a friend named Squidward, a liveless piece of squid crap. FatBob was very enthusiastic about frying Krabby Patties and often wore a smile on his face. FatBob was a living sumo. He was big. Freakin' big. Yeah, bigger than big. Bigger than Susan Boyle. Bigger than Arnold Schwarzshenegger. Bigger than some fatass chokin' on donuts. Yeah, I think that's enough. FatBob was very sad. He realised he had breast cancer. He had two boobs for nipples. What a sucka. He had only 3 days to live. The only cure was to lipposuct his fats. FatBob was depressed. How could he lose his prized possession? His vault of valuable fats. FatBob decided. He wanted to lipposuct. He bought a machine and brought it home. He turned in on high mode. He put the tube to his fats. He closed his eyes. If he didn't do it now, he will die. Wait, that's a good thing. Never mind. He had only one minute to live. 59..58...57, ah forget this counting crap. He brought his tube nearer to his body. 35..34...33...He was sweating oil and chunks of yellow pus. 20...19...18 He was opening a tub of lard. 10...9...8..He was eating the lard to the fullest 3...2...1..It was time. He pressed in his fats and he braced himself. He soon realised a sharp pain at his boobs. He screamed. Noooooo! He didn't load the batteries in the machine. And there laid FatBob, his boobs twisted in with an screwed up face. And this ends the tale of FatBob, the man who farts one too many.

The End