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Friday, May 28, 2010

Barney Parody- Jang Moon Young

Chill man. RubbaFace in. Piss off. Nah. RubbaFace wanna tell you something. Parody. Jang Moon Young. That sucka. The song. Here.

Lyrics(Barney Theme Song):
Jang Moon Young, she's a ko-re-an,
she likes to eat kimchi,
stuffing in ten pounds of crap,
she looks like a chimpanzee

Jang Moon Young likes Bae Yong Jun, she likes Rain, she likes snoopy,
let me tell you something about her she's so damn freakin' bitchy!!

Jang Moon Young she's in choir, her hobby is singing,
she flunked her mathematics and that's why she's always failing!!

Jang Moon Young when she opens her mouth to start to sing,
everything goes haywire, coz her mouth really stinks!!

End Of Song

This is a short song so it has little lyrics. :) Not to worry, a new song will be coming up. Or at least a new story. Tar-tar.
RubbaFace :)

You're Beautiul Parody- Timothy Sucks!

'Zuppin. This song is for my friend Timofey. I got the idea from 'Weird Al' Yankovic so many thanks 'Weird Al'!
Here's the song:

There was a boy,
his name was called,
Timofey Dahknovskiy
He wasn't very tall

He tried to tell funny jokes,
but it didn't made me laugh
He said 'knock knock who's there?'
It really made me barf

Timofey sucks!(x3) Its true!

He never looked handsome,
and he had many freckles,
on his des-pic-able face
he doesn't have any nipples!


Timofey sucks!(x3) Its true!

He wears crappy sunglasses
and he looks an ass,
when he watches porn he starts to pee
guess he has sperm deffiency

You lost your parrot to Stephen Alvin,
you can't even open a pickle jar,
guess you're just an average guy,
But oh boy, I wished you died!!!

End of Song

Well, this is the parody. Hope you enjoy it. And do you think I should make a new RubbaFace icon?

Innocence Parody: I order

Yo yo-ers! Rubbaface here again. And uh...HI. Made a parody of the song Innocence(by Avril Lavrigne).
Here's the lyrics. And uh...I might be making a music video. Hmm...who knows?

I look around and I find myself in a restaurant
I feel hungry and I decide to order fried prawns
I take a look at the main menu and I shrink in fear,
You know why? They charge GST in here
But what the heck I'm so hungry

I feel so desperate!!

I order roasted chicken,
I put it on my plate,
Its glimmering, its brilliant,
I give it a good taste,

I need to eat!!!!
And this restaurant clearly fufils my need!!

I order clam and chowder with jelly pudding,
I order vanilla ice-cream with chocolate toppings,
For the appetizer I order blueberry pie,
And for the snacks, I order deep-fried french fries
My stomach's bloating up with food!

I feel so desperate!!

I order roasted chicken,
I put it on my plate,
Its glimmering, its brilliant,
I give it a good taste,

I need to eat!!!!
And this restaurant clearly fufils my need!!

I order beef steaks grilled with pepper and potatoes,
I order a sandwich filled with lettuce and tomatoes,
All this food is making me really full!(x2)

All this food is making me really full!

I order roasted chicken,
I put it on my plate,
Its glimmering, its brilliant,
I give it a good taste,

I need to eat!!!!
And this restaurant clearly fufils my need!!

End of Song

Speaking of food...I'm feel hungry now. Gotta run.

GreenSleeves Parody- Facebook

Hello again people! This is RubbaFace here. As you all know, Facebook is a very popular social network site. And that the more reason I should make a parody of it. So Facebook, this one's for you.

There was a social network called,
Facebook and it was so popular!!!
Millions, billions and thrillions were hooked
and all of them were in a blur...

Farmville, pets society,
Mafia Wars, Restaurant City!!!
They are all apps that make you crazy
and make you foot up with all of your money!

Facebook robs your social life,
They sneak, they peek, they always cheat!!
Facebook is like a bee's hive,
Once they catch you, you are so dead meat!!

Facebook, gets you hooked,
They're nothing but a bunch of crooks,
Please,be wise, don't fall in their trap.
You know they're fake piles of crap!!!

Spend time on Facebook and make friends,
do what your told and follow the trend,
But let me give you a helping hand,
do not obey and run while you can.

Repeat Verse.

Facebook is on a big prowl,
for all things good and all things nice,
When you hear the distant howl.
you know its Facebook in disguise

Repeat Verse

Alas the world is all doomed,
the sky is so dark and all is gloom,
there is no hope, no chance, no cure,
We are under evil facebook's lure!!!


This is my longest song yet so WOOT. Gotta go. Chow.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Jack and The Beanstalk Parody: Aqilah

Finally, your long awaited parody: Aqilah! After 2 weeks of voting, you have chosen. The results speak for itself...Aqilah. So...enjoy the parody. And RubbaFace is now officially enjoying himself! Games, food and even more food! :)
(P.S. A new poll will be coming)
(And no insults intended. This story is pure fiction)

Aqilah was a poor girl. She had very little money and she was gay. She worked in a farm to earn money. Her mother often scolded her for her stupidity and gayness. Not to mention how dramatic she was. One day, Aqilah told her mother. "Mom...let me show you some singing!" "Okay" her mom said. "But remember not to screw it up, bitch." Aqilah nodded her head in excitement. She opened her mouth and took in a gust of air. Then as she started to sing, her mom fell asleep in her chair and never woke up. Well, that's because she died of boredom. Aqilah then heard a knock on her door. She opened the door. It was her good friend, Jajewee. She looked like a mutt and wasted her whole life on trying to be the first "wonder woman". Faggot. Jajewee then told her the news. "Hey Aqilah, I heard there's a year supply of "Acting Lessons on DVD" at The Giant's castle. It's very high though. Only a dimwit would try to do such a thing." Aqilah replied, "I am one." Jajewee said, "Sucker." Then, Aqilah mustered her courage and thought of a plan on how to reach the Giant's castle. She was walking to and fro outside the door when suddenly, a pig dropped from the sky. "Ooooink!" the pig yelled. It landed on the ground with a thud. Aqilah, in shock, pointed the middle finger to her mother. (No offense, seriously) She went to the pig. The pig said, " gay..." Aqilah waved her hand. "Oh, it was nothing..." The pig said, "Pfffft....Anyway, if you wanna reach the Giant's castle, you have to first menstruate."
Aqilah was astonished. "You got pranked! Hahaha!" Aqilah breathed a sigh of relief. "You must whack your head on the ground 3 times before you can get the road to the Giant's castle." And with that, Aqilah, whose intelligence is the same as a housefly muck, smacked her head against the ground. What an idiot. After 3 times, the pig nodded its head and said, "I want you to do one more smack". Aqilah, her head oozing with blood and all bloody-red asked, "Why?" The pig replied, "Coz' its fun seeing you do it." And with that, Aqilah smacked her head against the ground. That peanut-brain faggot. The pig passed to her 3 seeds. It said, "Plant these seeds on the ground and it will magically grow a path for you to reach the Giant's castle." And with that, the pig died. Aqilah then stuffed the pig in her mom's mouth. LOL. Then, she planted the seeds and something magical happened. The seeds grew rapidly with full velocity as its vines stretched out endlessly and its thick, fleshy stem grew bigger by the minute. Aqilah then climbed the beanstalk and slowly, she emerged into the Giant's castle. She was nearing the castle. The castle was within her view. Then, she squinted closer and found that Hannah Montana was in the castle. And she was playing "Star Wars". With that, Aqilah fell down the beanstalk and broke her spine. She died. The End. Wait, that's not how the story ends! Let me refresh myself...Aqilah fell down and she screamed, "I'm Gay!!!!!!" Then she died.
The End.
(And Aqilah is really a fan of Hannah Montana...)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Linkin' Park Parody- Leave Out All The Rest

Yo and yo again people! This is RubbaFace here and just to inform you: I have made my twitter account. This is the link:
And now...for the parody....

I dreamed I was nerdy,
I wasn't that smart,
When I play soccer,
I get kicked in the butt

I'm a big retart,
I think I'm dumb,
When I start eating,
I bite off my thumb

So if you're asking me I want you to know....
I let a toddler kick my small ass 
coz I am weak and so useless
I am just a nerd

When I'm driving,
my car gets freakin' hijacked,
by Stephen Alvin,
I'm just a nerd...
Stephen's a bastard!

I wear purple boots,
they look so gayish,
so do my looks...
I have a weird face,
one that looks creepy,
one that's pervetic,
like a sissy...

So if you're asking me I want you to know....
I let a toddler kick my small ass 
coz I am weak and so useless
I am just a nerd

When I'm driving,
my car gets freakin' hijacked,
by Stephen Alvin,
I'm just a nerd...
Stephen's a bastard!

End of Song.

That's all...hope you enjoy it! And wazzup!
RubbaFace :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Matrix Parody- The Showdown

This is RubbaFace here and I have yet another parody to share with you. And this time, it's Matrix. bedazzled and uh...ah screw it. Just enjoy the story. Rate it if you like!


You are entering a world beyond dimension, a world no man can imagine of. Stephen was strapped to a big, large machine that looked like Iron Man's hotdog maker. Beside him was DianWei, your ordinary obese boy with a peanut for a brain. The machine activates. Suddenly Stephen and DianWei find themselves watching High School Musical on Disney Channel at the machine's screen. They scream like mental nutbags losing their nipples. Everything was in a blur, except for DianWei. He was ginormously big, like a freakin' bloated elephant. Then, everything went pitch black. Stephen ate chocolates. DianWei ate his head. Then, with a deafening boom, Stephen and DianWei found themselves In a world they couldn’t think of. It was raining heavily and DianWei’s fats looked as bouncy as ever. Stephen was smelling his armpit hair. DianWei eyed Stephen closely. They were gays. (kidding!) Stephen squeezed his fists tightly. DianWei squeezed his fats. Then, the music “Don cha wish you girlfriend was as hot like me” started to play. Stephen gulped. DianWei raised his fatty hands and slammed against the floor with all the energy he gathered. The slam was so loud, it woke up Mona Lisa. The ground started to split apart and Stephen was afraid. He screamed like a nutbag and started to do the moonwalk. Stephen was fast. Faster than DianWei. He dodged all the cracks on the floor and flew up with an almighty thrust. DianWei could see Stephen’s underwear high up in the air. It was red and Barbie-dolled. DianWei laughed till he growed a boob. Stephen was in mid air. He sprang down with full force, his teeth gritted. Then a bird passed over him and Stephen realized his head was filled with bird shit. He tasted it. Then, Stephen swung back his fist and hit DianWei with a thundering effect. He rained punch after punch on DianWei and saw his fats all vibrating like a Nokia phone. The battle was about to end. Stephen was about to win. DianWei decided to fight back. He gathered his inner soul within his body and taking in a deep breath, he turned his back towards Stephen, his fat backside facing Stephen’s slutty face. And with a roar, DianWei realized his atomic weapon he had been keeping all along. Fart. With a boom, Stephen flew all the way to China. He then met Yao Ming and punched him in the balls. DianWei was the victor.  He then went for liposuction and died three days after.
The End.
That's the story. Read it. Rate it. Goodbye.
RubbaFace :)

This is home truly Parody: Doralynn, Review Time!

Howdy do, cowboys! Wait, this ain't Texas. Sorry. Heheh. Anyway, presenting to you....The Doralynn Song!

This is Doralynn,
everyday go to sleep,
when she sleep she counts sheep,
like a brainless idiot.

This is Doralynn,
when she ons the computer,
she gets mad,
and she gets sleepier,
and she falls down to sleep on the floor!

Doralynn, you're crap,
You're ten ounces of flabs,
You don't seem so perfect
Because you're to fat!

Doralynn, please cry
I wanna see you die,
When you die, I'll have peace of mind!

Doralynn, she likes to sleep!


RubbaFace here, roger. Heheh. Walkie Talkie FAIL. Besides that, I'm gonna go for a review today and this time its a picture! Take a look:

                                           Well, well, I didn't know Mr Bush was a cannibal. 
                                                           Nice stuff you're eating.

3/5 RubbaFaces. 

That's all for now,
I'll be back.
RubbaFace (and if you think I'm Zorro, piss off)

New Divide Parody- That's why I hate Maths!

Hello again people! This is RubbaFace here and I just thought of another parody for New Divide, one of the nice song sang by Linkin' Park. It's a song by the way. I just made my twitter account so any news feed or stuff goes there now. This is my link: Anyway, the moment you've been waiting for....the parody! Oh and chill.


I remember each time when I tried a problem sum...
It was difficult and it wasn't any fun....
All the formulas of calculating what's pi(The 22/7)
had me hungry for food
because pie tasted so good

So help me solve sums
coz I don't know what's one plus one
make my brain work
coz I'm a freakin' jerk

BODMAS, that's bodams in maths,
there's a sequence in it,
and its causing me to go very mad

That's why I hate Maths!(x2)

Algebra's confusing,
it makes me really think,
There are many letters
and this makes it worser

Fractions are very hard,
I can't get a grip on them,
coz I'm a big retart
and I can't really be smart

So help me pass Maths
coz  I'm a mess
I'm very careless

Please don't blame me
because of my stupidity!!

That's why I hate Maths! (x2)

Screw decimals,
I hate them,
I do them to the minimal
So don't ask me to multiply
or divide
Because they make me cry!

So help me solve sums
They're a burden,
It's making me in vain
Help me crack my head
and make my brain in pain!

That's why I hate Maths!(x20

Yeah, that's the song. Oh and I think I might make a music vid of it on Youtube. Hmm...

Still thinking,
RubbaFace. :)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

FAILblog Review!

Found this video and it made me go LOL. Pretty funny. Take a look. FAILblog is pass! Oh and the guy jumping has some issues on his legs. :)


I'll give it 4 out of 5 RubbaFaces!
1-You just wasted your life
2-Below average, go grab a burger or something
3-Average, not that good
4-Not bad, worth while watching
5-You're screwed if you don't watch it

That's it,
RubbaFace FTW.

Oh and vote for my new poll. Its on the bottom of the page.

FatBob LargePants-Spongebob Parody

 Hello again! This is RubbaFace here! With another parody!
No offense or insults intended. Okay, they are. But still, you can enjoy them right? (Gets beaten up by a gangster) ribs...Anyway...ugh...enjoy the parody...Damn is it painful! (Gets another punch)
I should have learnt karate. :(

Ah....South Korea. Wait, that's the script for Jang Moon Young. Ah...Bikini Bottom. The island of aquatic
creatures that swim freely. On this island, all the fishes were smart. Exept for one retard. His name was FatBob. And he was fat. Fat as a 10 pound hot dog wagon. He worked in the Krusty Krab and has a friend named Squidward, a liveless piece of squid crap. FatBob was very enthusiastic about frying Krabby Patties and often wore a smile on his face. FatBob was a living sumo. He was big. Freakin' big. Yeah, bigger than big. Bigger than Susan Boyle. Bigger than Arnold Schwarzshenegger. Bigger than some fatass chokin' on donuts. Yeah, I think that's enough. FatBob was very sad. He realised he had breast cancer. He had two boobs for nipples. What a sucka. He had only 3 days to live. The only cure was to lipposuct his fats. FatBob was depressed. How could he lose his prized possession? His vault of valuable fats. FatBob decided. He wanted to lipposuct. He bought a machine and brought it home. He turned in on high mode. He put the tube to his fats. He closed his eyes. If he didn't do it now, he will die. Wait, that's a good thing. Never mind. He had only one minute to live. 59..58...57, ah forget this counting crap. He brought his tube nearer to his body. 35..34...33...He was sweating oil and chunks of yellow pus. 20...19...18 He was opening a tub of lard. 10...9...8..He was eating the lard to the fullest 3...2...1..It was time. He pressed in his fats and he braced himself. He soon realised a sharp pain at his boobs. He screamed. Noooooo! He didn't load the batteries in the machine. And there laid FatBob, his boobs twisted in with an screwed up face. And this ends the tale of FatBob, the man who farts one too many.

The End

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mission Impossible Parody: Doralynn

The sky was dark. The descent was rising. Doralynn was shitting. It stank like hell. She came out of the toilet and wore her cool agent suit-the one that was filled with mickey mouses and rubber duckies. She turned on her PDA that cost 1 dollar, she bought it from China. After using it for 2 minutes, she realised the battery went flat and she could never turn her PDA on ever again. That's the price she pays coz its cheap. She then whipped out her phone and contacted Mr Greg, her superior. "Hello? This is Doralynn." she spoke. Greg answered, "Ah yes, hindi freak. Your latest mission is to steal the rare gem in the muesuem of archives in New York city now. Oh and uh, I ate your curry and it was awesome!" Doralynn smiled and headed off to the mueseum after a couple of farts. Upon reaching, she climbed to the top of the muesuem and whipped out her pocket lazer gun. She cut a hole and used a rope to climb down silently as a ghost. She soon realised the entrance of the mueseum wasn't locked and she had just wasted 40 seconds of her life. She got closer to the gem. She then saw CCTV camera's looking at her and then she blinded the cameras by pointing- the middle finger. She could see the gem sparkle. There were motion sensors around it and she had to do it carefully. She stretched her hand in to grab it. She was about to bring it out when her Iphone rang. She looked at her phone and saw: Man Utd 3 Liverpool 0. Being a Manchester United fan, she jumped up and down and cheered triggering the sensors. The security guards charged forward at her and she started taking out weapons in her utility belt. She loaded mentos, m and ms and smarties in her sweet gun. She aimed at the guards and they all got hit. She then took out a banana and peeled off its skin. One security guard was approaching her. She threw the skin on the floor and the guard slip. There were two guards left. Doralynn looked at her hair and pulled her hair. Her hair dropped off coz she was wearing a wig. A few moments later, she realised she was bald. Nonetheless, she threw the wig at one security guard's face and that made him unconcious. She then whipped out a can of coke and drank it in one whole. The guard was approaching. With a big gust of breath, she inhaled deeply and buuuuuurpppped loudly causing the security guard to fly back and faint. Doralynn was victor and wanted to leave the muesuem with the gem. She smiled happily and walked out of the entrance. Suddenly, she miscalculated her velocity of movement and what angle she moved. She tripped on a rock and fell to the ground. In slow motion. Doralynn screamed horribly, like that of a dickless chimpanzee. She tripped on a rock and died. At her funeral, Doralynn's close relatives and family got so irratated of her ugly face that they decided to pour cow dung, manure and fly shit on her coffin and throw it in a fertiliser dump. Doralynn failed. Sucka.

The End.

Yoyo, this is RubbaFace. Another story for you people. That's what I'm talkin' about. And spicy food rules!

Peace and Crap,

Friday, May 7, 2010

Xiao Wei: Parody

This song is for Aqilah.

Aqilah, you are a dumbass.
You have no brains,
nor do you have breasts.

You don't think before you do things,
while you're walking,
you had a bad fall

Please do things correctly,
or you'll end up,
being a sissy
Aqilah, you lost your virginity to a ball
That's so stupid,
who would think of it.

Aqilah, you know why you suck?
You don't have the slightest bit of luck,
You always think of singing,
but in actual fact you are failing!

Aqilah, you think that you're the king,
you ain't it,
you're a bloody jinx!

I know you feel sad,
are you okay?
I hope you aren't that gay....

RubbaFace is in da house. Chill.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time to say goodbye: Parody

Sorry YunFai. I can't make songs without ya. This is another one for you. Chill....
RubbaFace FTW.

Time to be wise,
Let's revise,
Let's wreck our heads,
Like Yun Fai the smelly pang sai!

Now is the moment of truth,
Science always needs us to find proof,
English just freaking sucks
And Yun Fai looks just like a duck
Who had constipation, revision,
Evaluation, Alien abduction,
Let's stuff a theremometer into his ass
and let's see him grow two big breasts

YunFai, go pang sai,
flush toilet,
never clean back sai
so smelly, its very dirty
YunFai please I know you hate me
Forgive me
You're nothing
You have no hygiene!!!!!

You had a bad day- Parody

Whasshupp again, this is RubbaFace!
This song is for my good friend, YunFai.
Rock on!
You're feeling depressed, sad and broke. Oh yeah.
You look like a pathetic, big fat yoke! Oh yeah.
You gambled too much on BlackJack
and now you're a mental nutbag
with no testiclesat all!

You tripped on a rock and had a bad fall, Oh yeah.
You lost your virginity to a beach ball, oh yeah
You lose everytime you play checkers,
you can't seem to find where your pants are,
You're an ultimate loser!

Coz you're Lee Yun Fai
the guy who cries
the guy who can't wait to go and pang sai
You work very hard
like a retard
You're a good kid
and you're always fit

I know you are sad
You always feel bad
You want to do well
I can tell

So please don't cry
You can always try


Its time for me to go zoom!
RubbaFace :)

The house of the rising sun: Parody

Another song made by RubbaFace. Enjoy. And chill.

He is a stalker of the night
He does it when nobody's lookin'
He makes people quiver and shake with fright
His profession is fartin'

He is a slayer of demons
His boobs look like watermelons!
He hears the call of distant cries
And goes to eat some fried rice

He's Quah D**n Wei
The big fat gay,
whose gives a damn about him
He eats, he beats, he always cheats
He's a ten pound giant of meat

He's fats, he's swift and obese,
He's a retarded tub of shoe grease!
He's quick, he's sharp and very wise,
all those that I said are all lies.

He's big, he's strong and very large,
He eats many tubs of chocolate fudge.
He bites, he growls, he always snaps
He poops damn lotta smelly crap!

(Verse again)
Singer: Ah shuddup, you crap eatin' pom-pom!

This is one of my favourite songs. Peace out! Oh and no insults intended. :)
(If you have any ideas, post them!)

Under My Umbrella: Parody

This is RubbaFace here. Yo. Here's a song for you guys...its called: Under my big fat belly.

Whatcha lookin' at?
You look so freakin' fat!
You look like a crane,
but you don't have a brain.

I know you're very sad
There's no need to cry
There's no need to eat
There's no need to feed

Now's the time to repent
If not I'll just have to spent
the rest of my whole life
Under your big, fat belly
Fats, fats, fats, fats, fats
Your tummy looks like bouncy jelly
Fats, Fats, Fats, fats, fats

It may seem hard
Please don't consume lard
Its bad for your body
and your big fat belly

Yeah, nobody wants to be your friend
You feel sad, you feel depressed
I know that, I understand
You're gonna eat till its the end

People just can't seem to see
You look like a damn big sissy
You eat a lotta of burgers
That's why you're a chimpanzee

Fats, fats, fats, fats, fats
Under your big fat belly,
Fats x 5.

Your just like a hippo
You can't dance disco
coz you are too fat
That's why you go 'splat'

That's all, for now.
Hope you enjoyed it! :)